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The Luleå School of Arts is a qualified resource for all of the city´s schools with activities for preschool children through high school students. Our mission is to increase the integration of the aesthetic subjects into the school’s daily work. In addition to our teachers in music, dance, drama, media and art, we also have a production assistant, a technician, a sound engineer and of course, a director.

All our activities are offered free of charge and without auditions.

We meet approximately 8000 students every year.

The Luleå School of Arts was chosen as the Culture School of the Year 2009 by the Swedish Music Council which represents more than 60 different music agencies, institutions and organizations. The Swedish Music Council stated that the Luleå School of Arts is characterized by an exceptional accessibility and closeness, by initiative and inclusion, and by flexibility and sensitivity. The Luleå School of Arts has a strong political support in the municipality and is constantly working towards the future without losing the advantages of tradition.

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Culture in school education

(Kultur i skolan - KIS)

We work with groups and classes in different projects in collaboration with the class teachers. The aim is to broaden and deepen the students learning according to the curriculums for the schools.

Elective subjects

Individual students can make a request from the range of subjects we offer at their school.

Performances and concerts

The Luleå School of Arts arranges about 100 concerts and performances of different kind every year, in order to let our students meet an audience. We also work together with local companies and organisations in order to let the citizens of Luleå take part of our students artistic skills.

Training for teachers

The Luleå School of Arts arranges training and inspirational workshops for the teachers in Luleå in different aspects of aesthetic learning.

Purchase of Cultural Performances

The Luleå School of Arts is responsible for purchasing and organising external performances and productions for the local schools.


The Luleå School of Arts participates in local and national research, studies and projects for the development of aesthetic activities in education.

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